Friday, May 27, 2011

Sorry I haven't posted in so long! (No, really, I am.)
Here's a blog tutorial for the Formatting page of the Settings tab. I should cover Publishing next, because my plan was to start with Basic and work right, but I have no idea how the Custom Domain thing works and I don't want to gloss over it, because there are only two buttons on the Publishing page. Anyway, here's my latest
Blog Tutorial: Settings: Formatting

To start, go to your Blogger dashboard.

(If you usually use, don't panic, in case you wanted to. I think I've said this before, but in case you're a new reader, (yay! Hello! *waves*) the only difference between Blogger and Blogger in Draft is that new features are launched first in Blogger in Draft so the Blogger elves can test them (the features, not the elves) on us Draft users. That's why I might be talking about something that you can't find on your own Blogger page.)

Find the name of the blog you want to format, and click Settings.
Next click Formatting (next to Publishing).

Click on the images to get a bigger picture (if you can't read the text).

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