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To turn on mobile templates, go to your Draft homepage- (This tutorial will not work unless you start at your Draft homepage--it has not been released on the main Blogger site yet.) 
If you see a pop-up that says "Turn On Mobile Templates" next to the blog you'd like to enable them for, click on it (make sure it's the right blog).

 Otherwise, find the name of the blog you want to turn on the templates for and click "Settings".
Next, click "Email and Mobile".
Click the "Turn On Mobile Templates" button
and then the orange "Save Settings" button at the bottom of the page.

You're done!

Now, why would you want to turn on mobile templates?
I knew that was coming. If a hypothetical person, I'll call her Amy--if Amy had a SmartPhone (iPhone, Droid, etc) and she used it for blog surfing a lot, it would take a while for the blogs to load (especially if they had big images and stuff-like my Blogger Blog). After Amy waited for the page to finish loading, she'd have to zoom in to be able to read the text, and would probably be frustrated by the time it took to find exactly what she wanted to read.

If, however, Amy chose to enable Mobile Templates, all backgrounds and gadgets would be eliminated, allowing Amy's SmartPhone to load your blog very quickly and Amy to see your blog posts in a comprehensive format (as well as a readable font size). (If you're concerned about the size of pictures in your posts, they're scaled down to a thumbnail size. Amy can click on the photos  to see them at full size.)

Thank you, Amy.

Wow, that sounded like a really corny commercial. But it's true. I know when I'm looking at blog on my (*cough* mother's) iPhone, I get fed up with waiting for stuff to load. Well, I used to- I gave up on blogs a while ago. It's way easier to stay updated with your favorite blogs if they're using mobile templates.

One more thing-readers will still see your regular blog if they're using a full sized computer.

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